About restaurant

About restaurant

Tolstiy&TonkiyTolstiy&Tonkiy - a new restaurant for lovers of Asian culinary fashion in Kiev, which opens it in a completely different light.

Located next door to the young theater in a quiet courtyard behind the arch, this restaurant immediately adjusts to the friendly and sincere way. Timeless and solid interior designed by famous design studio YODEEZEN. The atmosphere of strict solemnity birth basic elements of nature: here the fire quietly burning in the fireplace and animates its warm stone on the walls, absorbed in the black.

Impossible is possible: 20 tons of metal constructions designers able to invisibly to merge with the space, exposing a variety of experiments: wine cases and racks for hinged plants, shelves for books and handrails on stairs, frames for curtains and chandeliers - all made of metal and inspire solidity and respect. The balance of opposites creates harmony. This design idea is subordinated to the union of cold iron and a unique wooden panels at the entrance to which is applied a reproduction of the Italian painter Pompeo Bottoni "Marriage of Cupid and Psyche."

Tolstiy&Tonkiy - ready to surprise. Modern Asian and European cuisine creates a vivid mix of flavors and gastronomic discoveries. Spicy sharpness - menu feature Tolstiy&Tonkiy and his character. All dishes brand-chef  always gives Asian hue, spicy flavors of their sharpness, adding spices and sauces, appetizing combination of opposite tastes. And in order to maximally preserve the texture and taste of a dish to pass, the brand-chef uses only quality products, making the Peruvian ceviche and tiradito in nikkei style can compete with the original recipes. Nature of Asia acquires any product - and the steaks from the American and Australian beef, and Atlantic bluefin tuna and Chilean sea bass: everything is prepared on the classical Japanese Robata grill.

A delicious dish is unthinkable without a good support. Vinoteca impressive scale. In Tolstiy & Tonkiy can study the wine map of the world, without leaving the capital. Here you can find 90 kinds of wines that are stored in the original wine refrigerators. The finer the gourmet taste, the higher the sommelier will climb the ladder. Sophistication seafood, cheese and tartare disclose Soave Pieropan of the Italian Veneto region and Burgundy Puligny-montracher, which is good to try in friendly company. Red wine from the Tuscany Kurni and Sassicaia brighten up your evening. A holiday support sparkling wines Ferrari Rose and Prosseco Guia. There is always a good time - with live music, delicious cocktails and tasty hookah.

«Tolstiy&Tonkiy - a restaurant with a human face", - said the restaurant in his welcoming creators. Here every guest desired. The relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and high standards of service - the main philosophy of this restaurant - the restaurant for the soul and refined gourmets.